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Canisters I - Model B

65 EUR

Spanish designer Jorge de la Cruz has developed a series of wooden objects based on an archetypal shape where the leading protagonist is its brushed finished material.

Called  ‘The Grain’, the pieces are constructed from Swedish pine and are hand-finished with a metal wire brush to remove the soft part of the wood surface and remaining the wood grain, which is harder. This process accentuates the grain wood drawing, its most representative element that comes from the rings of the tree. 

A matte lacquer is applied to protect the surface giving it a smooth final surface, accentuating the grain.

The collection includes three different containers.

The project maximizes the expression of the material to tell the history of its fabrication.

Material: Swedish Pine wood matte lacquered finished.

Dimensions: 280 x 180 x 180 mm.

Everyday objects by Spanish designer Jorge de la Cruz.

All the pieces are carefully made in Spain using high quality materials.

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